On being in a LDR in the 21st century

I don’t think there has ever been any time in history as kind to long-distance histories as now. Of course N. and I would have never even met if it wasn’t for the internet, but even compared to five years ago, we are so extremely lucky.

I am currently reading The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide. I know, we’ve already “survived” more than 8 months without the help of any books, and we’re doing fine, so why read this now? I was just curious what others say about LDRs, what their experiences are. I thought, maybe the book will give me some helpful tips I haven’t even thought of, and I am also curious to read the section about moving together at the end of the LD part of the R. Because, you know, that is coming up for us really soon.

I’ve not gotten to that section yet, but one of the things I couldn’t help but notice is how lucky N. and I are. This book was published in 2006, just six years ago, and yet, the way N. and I experience our relationship is already so different from what is described in this book.

We both own iPhones and we use FaceTime a lot. We talk every day, and not just talk, but we see each other every day. We watch funny videos together on YouTube, we just spend time together. We have started the habit of my calling him for a couple of minutes before I leave for work every morning and then we usually talk after work and again before bedtime every day.

If I get a new haircut, N. can see it the same day. If I see something funny or a beautiful sunset, I can snap a picture and send it to him right then, right there. We can text each other as much as we like, and stay in touch throughout the day, because when using iMessage, it’s free. We have the luxury of being able to share our lives with each other, despite being 800 miles apart, and that makes the distance seem so much smaller.

We are so lucky because even just five years ago, things weren’t quite as easy as this. I have had an iPhone since 2009 and couldn’t imagine going back to a non-smartphone, but since N. and I got together, it has become a lot more valuable to me.

Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t easy. It sucks a lot of the time. We miss each other all the time, and we never seem to get to spend enough time together. I cannot wait for us to live together and be together every day, get to spend every weekend together, go grocery shopping together, wake up together. But I also realize that it could be a lot harder. We are so lucky to have the technology we do, that sometimes even manages to make me forget how far apart we are.

Now, if only there was a way to teleport myself from Germany to Scotland every weekend.


2 thoughts on “On being in a LDR in the 21st century

  1. When Collin and I were in an LDR (back in 2002-2005 – has it really been that long?), we only called each other once or twice a week and send each other emails daily. And then there was the occasional letter. That was it! It is so much easier nowadays but also more stressful. A friend of mine is constantly glued to her phone waiting from a phone call or message from her husband. Either way – it is/was tough!

  2. Yes, yes! Things have even changed so much in the last few years! I thought J and I were lucky when we were doing the LDR-thing when we were able to call each other daily (for cheap) and send emails… but now, with skype, facetime, whatsapp and whatnot, it makes staying in touch even so much easier!

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