Making things more real

In the past few weeks, I have done little things that make this move seem more real.

The last time I was in Edinburgh, I signed up for a Boots Advantage Card and a Starbucks Rewards Card, using what will be my address in the UK. I reckon N.’s flatmate must have been a wee bit surprised to find a letter addressed to me in the mail box. You see, he doesn’t know yet that I will be moving there in just under five months. Or that he is moving out.

Just yesterday, I ordered a Giffgaff SIM card. They are really cheap, and for the first few months there I do not want to be locked into a contract anyway. Plus my best friend moved to Edinburgh for uni in September (I know, right?), and I have another friend living there, so I figured that having a UK number might be handy even just for the couple of weekends I will be spending there before the move.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am one of those persons who love making plans and getting things done as early as possible. I mean, I started talking about Christmas flights in August! I would love to open a bank account in the UK now, but I’m not (yet) a UK resident. I would love to get all the NHS and electoral role stuff out of the way before I even move there, but again, not a UK resident yet. There are lots of things that will have to wait until after the move. So all the little things I can get done ahead of time? You bet I’ll have them done as soon as I can.

Also yesterday, I applied for a new bank account with a different bank in Germany. This bank (DKB) offers a free bank account which will allow me to withdraw money from said account for free anywhere in the world (no fees at all, not even the usual fees you pay when getting cash in a foreign currency). I will hopefully have some decent savings by the time I move there and this seems like the best way of getting my hands on my money once I’m in Scotland without losing 1-2% of it to the bank.

Today, I canceled my BahnCard (a discount card for trains in Germany) and I’ve drafted a letter to cancel my internet service which I will send off later this week. Both have to be canceled within the next month if I do not want them to renew for another year, so I wanted to get it out of the way.

Just some small things but they make everything seem more real. I am actually doing stuff now to prepare for my move. And now that it’s November I am not even two months away from canceling my lease. That’s one of the big things and it will happen next month!


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