On picking a date (Pt. II)

I had mentioned before that I have been having a hard time choosing a date for the move.

Rationally, I knew that the end of March would be so much better, what with Easter falling on 03/29 to 04/01, and having an extra month to save up.

But then there was our anniversary. I really want for us to be able to spend it together. It is just one day, and if we can’t spend it together, the world wouldn’t end, but at the same time, if it is in any way possible, I’d rather for N. and me to be together on this day.

We shortly spoke about this the other day and I think I will choose the end of March for the move. It really is so much better in every single way.

We will try to spend the weekend of our anniversary together, luckily it falls on a Saturday, and that way I get the best of both worlds. Plenty of time to organize my move and spending our anniversary together.

I’ve had a look at the calendar and I might even be able to have my last day at work as early as the 22nd of March which would give me nine full days to organize my move and vacate my apartment.

I am not sure yet when I will actually fly to Edinburgh, I probably won’t decide on an exact date until a few weeks before I move.

So … March. That leaves me with another 5.5 months here to plan, research, organize, and get things done. In a way it seems like a long time but I have a feeling that time will fly.


2 thoughts on “On picking a date (Pt. II)

  1. Apparently, I hadn’t updated my reader to your new blog address and I was wondering why you hadn’t blogged in a while.
    So sorry.
    Anyway, very excited for your moving date and that it’s already SO CLOSE.
    You’ll be in Edinburgh in no time!

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