On counting down

A lot of the time in this relationship, I find myself counting down. Counting down to the next time we see each other. And while I enjoy our weekends together immensely, and they are always amazing, and we get to spend a lot of quality time together considering that it’s just a weekend, they are always over so quickly. And then the countdown begins again.

Sometimes, I have to keep myself from focusing on it too much, because not only does it make time slow down, but it also makes it hard to enjoy the here and now. But I am making an exception for this post which is all about counting down.

The rest of the year is going to be great, though. I will be flying to Edinburgh for the weekend on Friday, and then just 16 days after that, N. is coming here for five days. November 1st is a holiday here and we wanted to use it to spend a little more time together again. Then, just 18 days after that, I am flying to Edinburgh again for the weekend, and after that it’s just 25 days (this is how much time we usually leave between weekends together), until N. comes here for a whole 18 days for Christmas.

When N. leaves, it will be not even two or three months until my move and until we will get to spend every day together. It all seems so manageable. It’s still five or six months until my move but the next three will be very very good in terms of how much time we get to spend together, and I just know that the time after that is going to fly.


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