The joys of feeling better

Not only am I feeling tons better today, after being sick for a full week, finally allowing me to type up all those blog posts my fingers have been itching to write, I have also had some time to play with the layout of my blog. I’m now using the theme Yoko and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I love the big header, the simplicity of it, and how it displays image posts.

Being used to blogging on a self-hosted WordPress blog, I have always struggled with the limited options of customization that offers, but I am intent on making it work this time, because I need my blog to be lower maintenance and, while I am saving up for my upcoming move, free.

I had considered buying a domain name for this blog but at $26 for registration, mapping, and domain privacy, it seems a bit expensive, considering that at my current web host I get all that plus hosting for only $36/year. Does saving $10 per year really justify all the limitations of To me, it seems that it is either stick with a free blog here or go self-hosted. For now, my decision is to stay here.


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