On picking a date

At some point, I randomly decided on the end of March for moving to Scotland. I would be canceling my apartment lease at the end of December (I have to give three months notice), and my job two months later (only 4 weeks notice there). It would work out quite nicely as Easter falls on the last weekend of March, so I would definitely not have to work the last three days of the month, and have a whole weekend for moving out of this apartment. I could even try to save up enough holidays to try to take off that whole week – although it might be tricky and would depend on how the 6.25 days that I will have earned by the end of March would be rounded off (would it be 6 or 7 days or would it be exactly 6 days and 2 hours?).

A few weeks ago, I started playing with the idea of moving a month earlier. It’s just a month so maybe it’s not even worth all this thought, but while the last day of February falls on a Thursday, so not anywhere near as convenient as March, our anniversary is in the first week of March, and I would love if we got to spend it together. Picking the end of February for my move would pretty much make that a given. Granted, the world wouldn’t end if we didn’t get to spend it together but it would be so nice if we did. Plus, it would mean one month more of being together every day and that would just be amazing. It would also mean one month less at this job and one month less of a steady income, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable.

Another option would be canceling my lease for the end of either February or March and giving my notice at work for the 15th of that month. Luckily my contract allows for this and if I can afford to lose a half month’s salary, this might definitely be worth considering. It would make the move a lot less stressful if I know I do not have to be out of this apartment within days of my last day at work.

I really do not know what to do just yet and I figure I still have two months to make up my mind with regard to the apartment. If I want to move at the end of February, I have to give my notice at the end of November, otherwise I have until the end of December to do it.

In a way, it feels like a head vs. heart decision, my head is telling me that the end of March would be a whole lot better, my heart really wants the move to be sooner rather than later and for us to be able to spend our anniversary together.

But then I take a step back and tell myself, it’s just one month, does it really make such a big difference either way? How do you pick a big date like this?


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