Scotland photography

I love taking pictures. At the beginning of the year I finally invested in a DSLR, and bought a Canon EOS 600D. I’ve been taking it with me on my trips to Scotland and the picture quality still blows me away every time. Couple that with a place that has some of the most stunning scenery and a gorgeous city like Edinburgh, and I have accumulated quite a few pictures of my future home. I thought it would be nice to share some of my pictures to show you why I not only fell in love with N. but also the place he lives in, so I’ve decided to make these pictures a regular feature on my blog. I honestly cannot wait to explore more of Scotland with my love once I live there. I have yet to venture out of Midlothian and East Lothian, so there are many more places waiting to be discovered.

View of Princes Street from Calton Hill in Edinburgh

2 thoughts on “Scotland photography

  1. We have been in Scotland last year for 5 days. Most of the time was spent in Edinburgh, but we drove out into the Highlands for one day. It is so beautiful!
    We are planing to come back next year for a longer holiday. Hope it works out.

    • I’ve never been to the Highlands but I’d absolutely love to go. N. and I were considering doing a day trip into the Highlands but decided against it because we should easily be able to do a longer one next year when I live there. We always try to keep a balance between doing fun and interesting things and just spending quality time together without stressing ourselves out running from one place to another.

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