Job hunting

While I am not seriously job hunting yet as it is simply too early, I have been getting my CV ready with the help of N., and I have been looking at job adverts every now and then just to get an idea of what is out there and what kinds of jobs I would be interested in. I happened upon an ad for a job which fits me to a T. I have honestly never seen a job ad where I fulfilled their criteria and experience so well. I decided to send out an application, even if it is just to make them aware of my existence because who knows, the position might still (or again) be available in a few months. I got a reply back the next morning saying my profile sounded interesting and asking me to complete a questionnaire they attached in the e-mail. I did that and sent it back to them yesterday before work. I am not really sure if anything will come of this, especially as I reckon they will want to fill the position soon, but it is good nevertheless to get some practice and encouraging to get positive feedback from an application.


3 thoughts on “Job hunting

  1. That’s awesome news!!! I ama reluctant to apply really…..I do have two interviews lined up with some recruiters through personal connections, but otherwiseI am in the wait and see mode. Plus I’d kind of like to take a break for November and December and then kick it off in January.

    • I could move earlier but I think earlier than January isn’t really do-able because it will be too much to organize at such short notice and it will be tough financially. I’ve only just started saving up for this move and have to give three months notice for my apartment, internet/landline contract runs through mid January and I would not be getting the yearly bonus at my current job if I leave before the year is up.

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