Better together

I’m a big city girl living in small-town Bavaria. And goodness, it does not suit me at all. I moved here last year for my current job. Only a couple months into my job search after finishing my humanities degree, I was offered a permanent, full-time position and the offer was just too good to pass up. The company is situated in a tiny town and because I did not (and still don’t) own a car, I made the decision to move to this small town to be within walking/cycling distance of work.

I didn’t imagine things to be easy, but in a way, I expected them to be easier than they turned out to be. I’ve lived here for over a year and a half, and I never made any real friends. I have met a few people, even a couple of them my age, but real friends? Nope. My social life takes place on the weekends I spend in my hometown Munich, which is luckily only 90 minutes on the train from where I live.

I think this, coupled with the situation at work, has made it so easy for me to decide to move. N. spent this past weekend here with me, and he knows better than anyone that I always go on about how there is nothing to do here. I really enjoy spending weekends in Edinburgh because we can go to restaurants, the movies, just spend time in the city.

Because I now have two bikes here (long story), we took the fantastic weather yesterday as an opportunity to go for a cycle. We set out without a real plan, all I knew was I wanted to take him down to the river, which I’d cycled to before, but which was too far to walk. We ended up cycling along the river, up to the neighboring town and back to my town for a total of 25 km.

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a day spent in this town and its surroundings as much as I did yesterday. If N. lived here, I could see myself starting to enjoy small-town life a little more. I have a hard time picturing myself going for long cycles like this on my own, but I really enjoyed the one we did together yesterday. It was relaxing and fun, and at the same time it was great to get out and active.

It was the first time I went to the neighboring town on a Sunday, and even though it is still quite small at a population just short of 10,000, it is a million times better than this village. It was bustling with life, probably due to the absolutely amazing weather for a September day.

We had a little snack and some ice cream at the local ice cream parlor which is widely known for its delicious ice cream.

I really hope that the next time N. comes here, in about a month and a half, the weather will still be nice enough to go for a cycle again. I’d love to discover a little more of this area with him.


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