A losing deal

Until I moved into my current apartment in early 2011, I had always lived in furnished or semi-furnished flat shares. I had accumulated a few things but I only had very few furniture. Then I moved into this two bedroom apartment and I had to buy everything from a fridge to a bed.

While most of my furniture is from IKEA and I tried not to spend more than necessary while also ending up with a decent looking apartment, I did decide to invest some money into a refrigerator/freezer combo, a stove/oven, a washing machine, and my sofa. I had no idea I was only buying things to last me two years so I wanted to make sure these would last me a while. It seemed worth the investment.

Now, as I am about half a year from moving abroad, if things go as planned, I realize that this decision I made a year and a half ago was a losing deal. I will not be taking any furniture or equipment like my washing machine with me, and I will not be getting anywhere near what I paid for them when I sell them.

While these things annoy me, especially as I am still paying back my parents for the loan they gave me, making me feel like I will still be paying for items when I don’t own them anymore, I also know that my relationship is worth a lot more than €1,000. It is frustrating to think of the money I will be “losing,” especially because I don’t have that much money to begin with, but I know that it will be worth it.


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