On moving abroad

Although I am planning to move abroad, that is actually the bit I am least worried about in this whole thing. What I mean is leaving behind my home, my family, my friends and Germany. Although I really like my apartment, I am not at all attached to this town.

I first left my hometown ten years ago to go to university, and while I have been back there, even for three to four months at a time, I haven’t lived there since. Before I met my boyfriend, I had planned to move back to Munich next year, but I am really looking forward to moving to Edinburgh and getting to live with my boyfriend. I think it would be a harder decision if I was living in Munich now and had to leave my hometown behind in order to live in Scotland. As it is, I feel that not much is going to change.

I will just move to another city, again. It will not be my first time to move abroad, as I spent two years studying abroad during university, one year in the US and one in Spain. It will be my first time to emigrate. I will be leaving Germany without a set plan to ever move back, but I do know that making the decision to move to the UK does not necessarily mean I am turning my back on Germany for good. Who knows what will be in ten years or even five years?

It won’t be my first time dealing with culture shock, having to get used to a new set of customs, rules, etc. Because I have lived abroad before, I know that I am quite good at handling life in another culture. I get used to things being different quickly, and I think I will enjoy being in a new city. In terms of my social life, it can only be an improvement over where I am living now.

Plus, it’s Scotland, not a country in Asia or Africa. It’s still Europe and the culture isn’t really that much different. And if I get homesick, I am only a cheap two-hour flight away from home.

So all that, language, culture, having to make new friends again, is not really something I am worried about. I worry about many things, such as money, finding a job, and going from being in a long-distance relationship to living together, but this is actually something I look forward to.


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